3 good reasons not to buy the pleated net Silknet

The terrible truth about nets made of polypropylene (and other materials) that nobody has told you yet
20 Febbraio 2016
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3 good reasons not to buy the pleated net Silknet

3 good reasons not to buy the pleated net Silknet

In the preceding articles I illustrated why you should buy the pleated Silknet.
Today I will take a step back and give you 3 good reasons not to use our pleated Silknet and maintain your traditional products… legitimate choice, of course (if that is what you want).
I must make a strong premise before giving you the list of the aforementioned points:

The pleated Silknet is not for everyone.

If you are also one of those old fashioned companies that say: “This has always been our procedure and I am not interested in knowing if there is a better reason to change”, then stop reading this page.
If you are not resourceful, if you don’t want to increase your earnings by proposing the right pleated net and if you are satisfied selling poor quality plastic products, then stop reading, no grudges, don’t waste your time.

I understand, we are going through hard times and the crisis doesn’t help, but as I have already explained, if you do not stand out, you will continue to be a victim in the battle of prices.

I repeat: pleated Silknets are not for everyone.


Yes, I know it seems a presumptuous statement
But here are the 3 good reasons NOT to buy the net, so you know why I wrote the above.

1) You are satisfied to market the traditional plastic net used by all

Yes, I know things have always been the same. Yes, I know the heavy duty pleated mosquito net has always been used; but if you are still reading this, it means you certainly have more insight than your competitors and that probably now you will discover something that few have the courage to tell you.

Many more companies especially producers are eliminating pleated mosquito nets from their catalogue.

I know what you’re thinking: “But Tomas, is this blog not about pleated mosquito nets? Are you crazy about writing on an outdated product???”

My answer is Yes and No.

Yes, I am definitely not so crafty, I know that other mosquito nets are sold more and if we consider that many companies are eliminating pleated nets from their catalogue, my option is not timely; but as I have always said I am a technician and not a business man/trader. I believe in my work and I know what it is worth, which is why I say NO to the above question.

NO, I am not crazy because I perfectly know the reason that made many companies sceptical on the product and this leads us to point 2




2) You think that pleated nets will be damaged as heavy duty pleated mosquito nets.

This is a legitimate and other colleagues of yours had the same point of view. This is exactly the reason why we were the first who used polyester (the most resistant material in nature).
And we are still the only company in Italy and in Europe to have analysed their nets in certified institutes to prove they last longer and are more resistant unlike competitive products.




 3) You completely rely on a general supplier and not a specialist

This is one of the most serious mistakes that make you lose many sales.
If you prefer a product which appears to be a patent product or an imitation, then listen to an old man’s advice and don’t buy the pleated Silknet.
If you want to save some money at the cost of facing the following risks:

  • Discoloured net after short-term sun exposure (as a result your end customer immediately requests a replacement)
  • Damage in the net’s pleats, which makes the customer remove and replace the net
  • Excessively light net with wind and rain resistance deficiencies
  • Dirt that won’t come off the net and difficult to clean

Then this is absolutely not meant for you!
If one of the points mentioned above matches your profile and you don’t want to improve your situation, then I am sorry but the pleated Silknet is not meant for you.
But if you have read the entire article, I am sure you already know the steps to be taken to abandon your traditional models and move toward higher profitability and sales in the future.


For more information please contact me here


Tomas Lattanzi


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