About Us

If you are reading this page as an entrepreneur and producer of pleated mosquito nets then you are out for a specialized solution partner in polyester pleated network.

You have probably realized it is not advisable to rely on fabric merchants who have lots of different types of material in stock ready to fill your warehouse.

  • Without any experience in the pleated mosquito net market
  • Without any officially authorised certification on the nets they sell
  • Not equipped with pleating machines to know the right shades useful to adjust and improve nets quality
  • Even if they have been working in the fabric sector for over 20 years!

Our work process:

In 2006 my boss Sergio produced a pleated mosquito net now sold worldwide

This outcome indicated that some factors are essential and cannot be neglected nor supplied by merchants of common fabrics.

Pleated nets, organisation and product are key to success.

Do you really want to contact inexperienced general suppliers who can only offer to show you a vast catalogue?

Unlike these fabric merchants we can offer:

  • 5 pleating machines that we can adjust depending on the model of the pleated mosquito net produced by the companies we support
  • An internal laboratory that analyses the polyester fabric (to always comply with the quality guaranteed and certified standards)
  • One type of net only, because polyester is the most resistant material in nature…

If you are a manufacturer of pleated mosquito nets contact me here for free consultation on the type of net and grammage you need.

No commitment required!