Tomas Lattanzi

Tomas Lattanzi

Hello, I am Tomas Lattanzi and have been working in the mosquito nets market for almost 15 years; I have been specialized in experimentation and  research of pleated nets for the past 8 years.

I offer support in finding the right net for your pleated mosquito net by increasing the perceived quality of your product with certified fabrics at the laboratories authorised throughout Europe.

My services include offering help in choosing the right weight of pleated net to be used with your mosquito net, considering my experience in this field.

As you can perceive, I am not a vendor, but a skilled technician ready to give you the right advice.

Unlike other merchants of fabric or large distributors of pleated nets, I am the best in polyester pleated network. Our fabric is bought exclusively in Italy, pleated by us in our 5 in-house machines and analysed before dispatch (to see if it meets the quality standards of authorised laboratories)

So far we have collaborated with our pleated network in over 30 countries throughout the world: Germany, Australia, Costa Rica etc in over 4 continents. Over 110 entrepreneurs and producers of pleated mosquito nets have benefited from my support to increase their sales thanks to my higher quality of nets with respect to the other companies.

My high quality of nets is certified by authorised laboratories throughout Europe.


My team of experts specialised exclusively on polyester pleated net is composed of: Sergio, Maurizio, Roberto, Mimmo, Floriano, Daniel, Ivano, Katia and Daniele.

Our services:

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I am Tomas Lattanzi and have been working in the mosquito nets market for almost 15 years